Design has the power to transform any space into a curated collection of memories and dreams. The Greenly Living Design Studio harmonizes colors, patterns, and textures into a holistic expression of self. Whether residential, commercial, retail, or hospitality, our team works with quality designers and artisans to create one of a kind realms that elevate the mood and uplift the spirit.


A home is more than a collection of objects, it’s a commitment to living authentically by surrounding yourself with the things you love. Home is not only a place, but a feeling. It’s an ever changing collection of highs and lows that tell your story. There are no rules, only joyful moments built on the foundation of thoughtful design and genuine self expression. We work with homeowners and renters to develop cohesive spaces to live, work, play, and everything in between.


Shared spaces must speak to a variety of tastes and lenses to be successful. Conscious design is an opportunity to center the client in your world and leave them desiring more of your vision. Invite a sense of wonder, awe, and ease through a customized experience. Whether it’s a high productivity office space or a boutique showroom, we work within a diverse commercial footprint to maximize your business potential.


Invoke nostalgia with the zest of modernity into spaces designed to indulge and unwind. Striking a balance between high-end luxury and top notch functionality is the ultimate driving factor behind a space that both business owners and customers will love. Whether it’s an intimate lounge space, a sophisticated eatery, or a revitalizing wellness concept, smart design allows for form and function to coexist while maximizing the guest experience.


Have something unique in mind for your next project? We would love to turn your vision into tactile reality and produce a custom wallpaper you will be proud to show off. We work with a range of designers, stylists, businesses, and everything in between to create beautiful wallpapers for generations to enjoy.

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