Swap the paste and drying time for an instant transformation with Peel and Stick wallpaper. A high quality wallcovering meets ready-to-go adhesive that is protected by a peel-away backing paper. Installation is incredibly easy — simply remove the backing paper little by little and paste the adhesive side to the wall.

Our Peel and Stick wallpapers are specially engineered to be completely stable and removable when installed on clean, smooth walls. The adhesive on the back of this wallpaper holds perfectly but can be removed by peeling it off without damaging the wall or paint. If you misalign or have a mishap during installation, simply remove it and place it back in the correct position. Rest assured that your wallpaper will stay in place until you decide to remove it.



Peel and Stick wallpaper is the go-to choice for renters and DIY-ers who want an instant transformation without the additional steps of paste or risk of losing that all-important deposit.

The best part? Zero commitment. The removable nature of our Peel and Stick wallcoverings means you can leave it up as long as you would like, or change up the style when you’re ready for something new.

This material can be used for far more than just walls. Elevate your space to another level by also considering it on ceilings or other DIY home projects like decorating furniture, cabinets, headboards, drawer liners, and stair risers.



We do not recommend Peel and Stick wallpaper for areas with high humidity or in direct contact with water. (We recommend Performance Vinyl for these areas.) Removable wallpapers work best on smooth finished or painted surfaces, so avoid applying over raw surfaces, unsealed wood, or plywood.

Peel and Stick wallpaper applies best to painted walls in a finish with slight luster like eggshell or satin. Flat and matte paints tend to be a more porous, so removable wallpaper can sometimes adhere stronger than usual to these surfaces.



A sample of your chosen pattern will help you envision the full design in your space. If you have any questions regarding our product line, please reach out and our team will happily guide you through the process.